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About Cambridge, MA.

Cambridge, MA

Inside the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts is the area encompassing the original Massachusetts Bay Colony founded in 1630. Modern Cambridge is home to approximately 100,000 residents and home to the world famous Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Living in Cambridge means living in the New England hub of academia amidst students, scholars, and a generally diverse population of residents.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Cambridge houses such famous schools when the town is entrenched in American history. For example, George Washington‘s headquarters later became the home of famous Cambridge resident and poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Residents frequently pass the Cambridge Common, the training grounds for the Continental Army. The Christ Church of Cambridge was built in 1761 by Peter Harrison, who the Cambridge Office of Tourism claims is, “America’s first trained architect.”

Surrounded by scholars and vast amount of history, you’re bound to fall in love living in the home of Harvard.
Cambridge is a great area for families and maintains an excellent school system where over 4,000 students attend one of 12 area schools. Cambridge is also home to larger businesses based primarily around science and technology such as Genzyme and the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory. Unsurprisingly, Harvard University and MIT are also major employers playing a major role in the city’s prestige and economy.

If you’re looking to live near the halls of higher learning, Cambridge, Massachusetts is the right city for you.
Cambridge real estate offers options as historical and cultural as the city itself. Take a look at luxury listings, locations in Cambridge’s top subdivisions, or glance at a four-bedroom home. If you’re looking for something smaller check out our Cambridge condos, two-bedroom homes, and three-bedroom listings.
Learn more about what the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts has to offer from their nightlife, recreation, lifestyle and more. Serving Cambridge is the Cambridge Public Schools District. When looking for Moving & Storage options in Cambridge start your search here. Be sure to compare Cable & Internet deals in Cambridge. Browse cleaning services and handymen in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

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