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About Dedham, MA.

Dedham, MA

When looking at homes in Dedham, you’ll be living amongst a town with true American history. The town of Dedham, Massachusetts lies in Norfolk County, about a half an hour southwest of Boston.  The town’s origins stem from settlement in 1635. Today, the Dedham Historical Society preserves many of the archives and historical sites within the town. A particular point of pride is Dedham’s peaceful atmosphere which can be seen all the way back to the seventeenth century in the wording of the town’s charter.

As with many
towns in Massachusetts, Dedham residents became inflamed with the Revolution spirit back in the eighteenth century. Historic sites such as the Woodward Tavern transformed into focal points for meetings of American dissent against Britain while later Industrial Revolution gave the town the Boston and Providence Railroad. Having an open means of transportation between towns allowed Dedham to flourish as a commercial center with paper mills, copper mills, corn mills, and wire factories. As manufacturing declined, the town’s residential properties emerged.

Today’s Dedham real estate market remains true to the town’s root with features of colonial American architecture, New England manor houses, and a
variety of Dedham lots waiting for the right property builder. When looking at Dedham luxury homes for sale or four-bedroom homes for sale, you’ll enjoy the prospect of living an area with gorgeous seasons. For the beautiful foliage of Cutler Park in the fall to the snow-covered trees in the winter, searching homes in Dedham means you’re one step closer to finding the perfect New England location for you and your family.
Learn more about what the city of Dedham, Massachusetts has to offer from their nightlife, recreation, lifestyle and more. Serving Dedham is the Dedham Public Schools District. When looking for Moving & Storage options in Dedham start your search here. Be sure to compare Cable & Internet deals in Dedham. Browse cleaning services and handymen in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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