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About Everett, MA.

Everett, MA

When looking at real estate in the city of Everett, Massachusetts, you’ll be joining a historically dynamic community. While you're glimpsing through Everett condos for sale or residential properties in Everett, keep in mind that certain Everett residents witnessed great moments in American historyIn particular, the city is named after Massachusetts Governor Edward Everett who witnessed a defining moment in American history after Lincoln’s Gettysburg address followed Everett’s speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The town of Everett was incorporated in 1870. About twenty years later, the town officially established itself as a city in 1892.
Today buying a home in Everett makes you part of over 35,000 residents who call Everett home. If you’re looking to live close to Boston then Everett is the perfect location. Only about a fifteen minute drive from Boston, Everett is large enough that you enjoy the cultural attractions that come with living in a major metropolitan area, but can get away from the city when you want. Everett’s four bedroom homes and luxury homes for sale give buyers the right blend of the modern mansion combined with an urban oasis. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Everett, you might want to peek at  Cambridge, Newton, and Winchester homes for sale.

By browsing our Everett real estate listings, you’ll start immersing yourself in a community with a history of caring. For example the current Fredrick E. Parlin Memorial Library stands as a tribute to Albert N. Parlin whose contributions helped establish the library and who founded the Parlin Home for Boys, a facility for young men’s youth programs. When you're buying in Everett, you're buying into a community full of history and more importantly, a community that cares.
Learn more about what the city of Everett, Massachusetts has to offer from their nightlife, recreation, lifestyle and more. Serving Everett is the Everett Public Schools District. When looking for Moving & Storage options in Everett start your search here. Be sure to compare Cable & Internet deals in Everett. Browse cleaning services and handymen in Everett, Massachusetts.   

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