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About Lowell, MA.

Lowell, MA

Real estate in Lowell, Massachusetts places you right at the heart of a large New England community with over 100,000 residents. Located near the Merrimack River, the city of Lowell started much later than most Massachusetts communities. According to the City of Lowell’s homepage,  Lowell gained its start in 1821 when businessmen invested in land near the Pawtucket Falls. Apparently they made a sound  investment as Lowell developed into one of America’s industrial centers with a heavy milling industry. Lowell is also a city of firsts such as the first American city to have phone numbers and the birthplace of CVS pharmacies. Lowell also puts you in community that has produced famous residents such as Jack Kerouac, Bette Davis and more.

When looking at homes in Lowell, keep in mind that Lowell is one of the larger cities in Massachusetts. As a result, the Lowell Public School District is also larger than most Massachusetts districts. The Lowell Public School District serves over 13,000 students in grades K through 12 with twenty schools. Residential properties in Lowell also give students close access to multiple colleges such as the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Daniel Webster College, and more.

Whether you’re looking at Lowell luxury homes for sale or Lowell condos, don’t feel intimated by the size of the town or the size of the market. Our Lowell listings will help you pinpoint the exact property you’re looking for or you can register here for property updates, listing information and virtual tours.

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