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About Marlborough, MA.

Marlborough, MA

Settled in 1657, Marlborough, Massachusetts is a large and thriving community of over 35,000 people.  During its history, Marlborough began to grow and Marlborough real estate developed after 1836 with the development of Marlborough’s shoe manufacturing industry. By the 1890s, Marlborough’s shoe manufacturers produced many of the boots used by Union soldiers in the Civil War.
Today, Marlborough’s industry focuses more on technology than shoe manufacturing.
The City of Marlborough web page calls the town a,“New England crossroads” based on the location of several major highways near the town including the Massachusetts Turnpike. In addition to roads, the city is a crossroads for rivers and lakes such as the Millham Reservoir, Fort Meadow Reservoir, and Lake Williams. They city is bordered by Hudson, Framingham, and other communities.
Marlborough luxury homes for sale combine elements of the traditional New England manor with modern interior features such as granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Buyers looking to build a dream home or vacation getaway should look at Marlborough lots for sale featuring wooded acres and miles of farmland.

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