About Us

We are a consumer focused real estate and mortgage company, designed to provide clients the best possible mix of real estate and financial services.
We do this by selecting top local and national providers, and then at the conclusion of the transaction, our independent team of surveyors gathers feedback from the consumer and provider to ensure overall satisfaction, and these results are posted on the web site.  Superior individuals that have great service get recommended, which produces a daisy chain effect of "paying it forward". 
We are different than the competition in that we:
  1. Our people have both a Real Estate License and a Mortgage Originators License.
  2. Beacon Rock's marketing, internet technology and experience are second to none.
  3. Because we are dually licensed, we save our clients time and money, all the while, protecting their rights and interests.
  4. We believe in the expertise of local providers offering and leveraging world wide connections in order to deliver a valued consumer experience.